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Who We Are

Sublime K9 Training & Boarding, LLC is owned by Kayla Yeary. ​Kayla has a total of 13 years experience working with dogs. Kayla has done it all from working at boarding kennels, to being a Veterinary Technician, to being an animal trainer at the Knoxville Zoo, to being a K9 Officer. During these jobs, Kayla has always done pet obedience training on the side. 

Sublime K9 Training & Boarding offers a variety of services. We offer many different training programs: one on one lessons where you can learn how to train your own dog or board and train  programs where we do all the hard work for you!​ We have several trainers at your service! Find more information on each of us on the Meet the Trainers pages!


What We Do

​We are balanced trainers. This means we use all 4 quadrants of learning to help you and your dog achieve the relationship you want. We know all dogs are different and each dog will need its own unique training approach. We believe dogs thrive on structure and clear, consistent communication. Our goal is to help you and your dog understand each other better and live a happy life together!

We also offer a limited amount of boarding. We have a total of 10 indoor kennel runs. We are staying small so you know your dog is getting plenty of individual attention. Each run is 4ft by 4ft and has a raised dog bed for comfort. One flat rate covers all the let outs your dog needs as well as play time with other dogs as long as your dog is social!